How to enter a Time Trial Event

We have two types of events; club and open, which have different procedures to enter the events.
Entries for club events listed in the table below are highlighted in yellow should, if you are a member of Strava, be made using this button:
If you are not a member of Strava you can join very easily by using the button below and inputting your email address and then add yourself to our Strava club page. By using Strava the TT Secretary will find all entrants listed in one place and we will all be able to see who has entered.
If you do not use Strava and wish to enter a club event please email Elliott at
The events highlighted in blue below are managed differently. To enter these SCCU (Southern Counties Cycling Union) or Open events, including open events run by the club, you will need to enter via the Cycling Time Trials website by using this button:


You must enter a club event at least four days before no later than at noon on the preceding Saturday. Open and SCCU events have different rules, usually required at least 10 days before the event, but see the entry requirements on the CTT website.

Club events cost KPRC members £4 to enter, payable even if you are unable to ride or start the event. Payment will be required at the end of the season. Non-KPRC riders will be charged £5 at the event. Late KPRC entries will not be eligible for trophies or handicap and scratch points.

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