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If you want to try our rides


We organise road rides on Saturday and Sunday and trail rides on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. There is no obligation to join the club until you have done a couple of rides by which time you will hopefully feel that we are the right cycling club for you. Before you do a ride please complete this form to provide us with your contact details and enable us to match your ability to the right ride.

We also offer a comprehensive calendar of club 10 mile time trials throughout the season and the cost to enter these for members is only £5, with end of season awards and trophies to compete for in a range of categories, including a handicap competition. Longer distance events are also available.


If you want to join us


When you join the club your subscription is deducted from the price of the first item of club kit that you purchase.

Subscriptions are renewed annually on the 1st November. Subscriptions from new members paid post-31st August will cover the new member until 31st October of the following year.

Click here to display the application form and fill it out online.

After you have joined please do the following:

If you use Strava, find our club and make a request to join. This is where we publish details of our Sunday road rides and events.


Sign in to the club website so that you can access members' pages


Complete the form to purchase club kit. The first item you buy will be discounted by the subs you paid.


Join our Whatsapp groups; speak to the leader of the Saturday rides and Sunday rides to be added to their groups, join both if you wish.


If you wish to ride off-road contact Barry Toogood who will add you to the Trail Riders email group.


If you want to know more
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