• Andy Pearce

Evening Trail Rides

Updated: Jan 6

All rides will start at the Nonsuch Park cafe and stay fairly local, starting at 7pm in the summer months or 7:30pm when the clocks go back. This is a great opportunity to enjoy riding in the evening so do bring good lights, powerful enough to see your way along trails in dark woods.

The schedule is as follows:

The first Thursday we join up with the Clarencourt club. Normally they finish in the Railway pub in Cheam which Phoenix riders are also welcome to.

The second Thursday of the month, we will finish at The Rifleman pub for our monthly club night meet. Pizza and burgers are available here.

The rest of the month the rides are on Wednesday's, finishing at Woodies in New Malden or at the Wheatsheaf in Ewell, no food is available here, just nibbles.

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