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Time Trials - it's all about you and the clock

A time trial tests a rider not against other cyclists but the watch. Other than in team events, which are less numerous, competitors race individually, starting at intervals of half a minute or more. Riders may not ride together when one catches another. The order of start is often organised so that the fastest riders are spaced apart.

Professional Cyclist

Club Time Trials

Club riders are eligible to ride in our evening 10 mile club time trials which are held fortnightly on Wednesdays after 19:15. These events start from Spook Hill in North Holmwood, heading south on the A24 for 5 miles, turning at the Capel roundabout then returning to a finish line on the A24 just north of Spook Hill. You can ride the event on a road bike or a time trial bike and you will need to wear a helmet and have bright front and rear lights. A list of the events can be found on the 'Enter Time Trials' page under the 'Time Trials' menu.

Open Time Trials

Open time trials are organised by many cycling clubs for the benefit of members of any cycling club affiliated to Cycling Time Trials. The distance of these events are typically 10, 25, 50 and 100 miles. There are also 12 and 24 hour events for those who want to find out how far they can cycle in the specified time.  

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